viernes, 2 de marzo de 2007

End of the semester excuses

There is a tendency at the end of the semester to put off meeting new people, making new friends, or asking people out on dates. The thought is, “Well, the semester is almost over so what’s the point?” The point is this, using excuses to keep from going out of your comfort zone does nothing but build up those comfort zone walls around you even thicker. Your ability to get out of your comfort zone is like a muscle. The more you work it out the stronger it gets. The more you don’t the weaker it gets. When you make excuses to not go out of your way to ask that girl out, then not only are you not building your “ability to step out of comfort zones” muscle, you start to work out your “procrastination and weak willed” muscles, and they will just keep getting stronger, making it that much harder to step out in the future. The saying goes that you water what you want to grow, and your always watering something, weather its more strength or more weakness. And the better you are at finishing out the semester strong, stepping out of comfort zones, the more that strength will carry over into your next step in life. So for craps sake, even though it’s the last day of class for the semester, go sit next to that hot girl in the front row!

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Marc Jorgensen dijo...

way to stick it to mediocrity, comfort zones are for the weak and faint of heart.